5 Surprising Benefits of Tooth Extractions

June 28, 2023

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Illustration of forceps extracting tooth

Dentists do their best to help their patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. Sadly, though, circumstances can arise that necessitate the removal of one or more teeth. If you ever need to have a tooth pulled, do not get too disheartened. There are actually some surprising benefits of tooth extractions! Read on below to learn about a few of the advantages that come with this last-resort procedure.

No More Pain

A severe toothache can be one of the most distracting types of pain. When a painful tooth is removed, the nerve inside of it is also removed. Therefore, it becomes incapable of sending pain signals to your brain. Once your mouth recovers from the extraction, you can start to enjoy a pain-free smile.

Stop an Infection from Spreading

In some cases, root canal therapy (possibly along with antibiotics) can stop a dental infection from spreading and causing harm to nearby tissues. In other cases, though, the infection has advanced to the point where the tooth cannot be saved. Removing it can stop the infection at its source.

This point is important to remember because an uncontrolled dental infection can have devastating consequences. Not only can it seriously damage nearby teeth and other tissues, but it also has the potential to cause systemic illness. In rare cases, people have actually died because they did not address an infected tooth in a timely manner.

Open the Way for Improved Oral Health

If you have advanced gum disease, your teeth may feel loose. This can make it difficult to eat and cause you to feel self-conscious. Removing those teeth can allow your dental team to properly treat your gum disease and make your mouth feel more comfortable.

Prepare for a Beautiful, Complete Smile

If your teeth are in bad shape due to decay or other types of damage, they may not look or function the way they should. Your dentist might recommend that they get removed so you can replace them with a reliable, sturdy prosthetic. For example, many patients choose to get dental implants, which rebuild lost teeth from the roots up. They are extremely lifelike and can provide you with strong chewing power.

Make Room for Orthodontic Treatment

Due to a small mouth or supernumerary (extra) teeth, some people find that their smile is crowded and crooked. The strategic removal of one or more teeth can allow braces to properly do their job, resulting in a straight and confident smile that is at a lower risk of future problems.

Dentists try to avoid tooth extractions when possible. In some cases, though, this procedure can be highly beneficial!

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