Do Dental Implants Set off Metal Detectors?

January 20, 2023

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Metal detector and luggage scanner at airport

Whether you are going to leave on a trip or entering a secured building, you may have to pass through a metal detector. While you might remove your belt, take your keys out of your pocket, and take other steps to prepare, you cannot remove your prosthetic tooth roots. Do dental implants set off metal detectors? Thankfully, you do not have any reason to worry. Read on below to learn why.

Implants Usually Do Not Set off Metal Detectors

It is common for people with dental implants to pass through airport security without anyone taking a second glance at them. In fact, it is pretty uncommon for implants to raise an alarm. There are a few reasons why this might be the case:

  • Dental implants are small. Just like you may be able to step through a metal detector without your earrings or small necklace setting it off, you may be able to do the same with dental implants because they are so small.
  • Titanium creates a weak magnetic field. Metal detectors work by using a magnetic field that is designed to detect the magnetic fields of various types of metal. The field created by certain types of titanium is quite weak.

What about Body Scanners?

These days, lots of airports and other secure locations have abandoned traditional metal detectors, upgrading to body scanners instead. These machines use radio waves or low-level radiation to detect any potentially forbidden objects.

Such scanners usually do detect dental implants. However, it is important to remember that TSA agents inspect hundreds of people each day. They have probably met dozens of other individuals with dental implants, not to mention other types of medical devices that can be embedded in the human body. They are unlikely to stop you or even mention the presence of your implants.

A Word about International Travel

Countries outside the U.S. may use different security measures or have different policies in place than what you are used to. If your dental implants raise a red flag for them, there is no reason to panic. Simply tell them that you have dental implants, and they will probably be satisfied with your explanation.

Traveling with dental implants is easy! It is unlikely that they will slow you down when you are passing through airport security.

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