9 Exercises to Relieve TMD Pain

August 21, 2023

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Woman holding her lower jaw in a forward position

If you struggle with persistent TMD pain, your local dentist or oral surgery team is ready to help you. Professional therapy is often the best way to address the root cause of jaw discomfort and produce long-term relief. Of course, you should also supplement your treatment with at-home care. For example, you may benefit if you regularly perform jaw exercises. Here are some moves that might relieve TMD pain and strengthen your facial muscles:

1.      Relaxed Jaw Exercise 

To perform this exercise, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth. Gently pull your teeth apart while making an effort to relax your jaw muscles.

2.      Goldfish Exercise – Partial

Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and place one of your index fingers on your TMJ, which is located directly in front of your ear. Place your other index finger on your chin. Open your mouth about halfway, and then close it. You should notice some resistance, but you should not experience any pain.

3.      Goldfish Exercise – Full 

This exercise is very similar to the one mentioned above. However, instead of opening your mouth halfway, try to open it completely.

4.      Chin Tuck

Draw your shoulders backward, and make sure your chest is forward. Pull your head backward so you are giving yourself a double chin. Hold the position for three seconds before relaxing. Perform this exercise up to 10 times to complete a set.

5.      Resisted Mouth Opening 

Place your thumb beneath your chin and use it to provide resistance while you carefully open your mouth. Hold the open position for a few seconds before slowly closing your mouth.

6.      Resisted Mouth Closing

Open your mouth and use your thumb and index finger to gently squeeze your chin. Your fingers should offer mild resistance as you close your mouth.

7.      Tongue Up

Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth while you move your lower jaw up and down.

8.      Side to Side

Find a small object that is about one-quarter inch thick. A few stacked tongue depressors can work well. Place the object between your teeth before moving your jaw slowly from side to side. As your jaw becomes stronger, you may be able to start using a thicker object between your teeth.

9.      Forward Jaw Movement 

Take a few stacked tongue depressors and place them between your teeth. Slide your lower jaw forward. Eventually, you may be able to add more tongue depressors to make the exercise a little more challenging.

If you are consistent with the above-listed exercises, you may notice a reduction in pain and an increase in strength within a couple of weeks. They can be a great addition to your TMD treatment plan!

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